Flexible Visualization

Standard features

  • Plug and Play support of up to 4 easYgen XT and one utility.
    (identify controls via a Woodward automatic network check)
  • VNC connection to single controls
  • Personalization

Basic customization

  • Visualization protocol already mapped In
    atvise® system.
  • Fetch the data to create your own pages/buttons etc.

Advanced customization

  • Other WWD controls supporting Ethernet (505XT, MN+, …)
    3rd party IEDs (Allen-Bradley®, Siemens Simatic®,…)
  • upcoming: pre-designed configurations. eg. H configuration (2 gensets + 2 grids + 1 tie breaker)

Full SCADA customization with atvise software

save engineering time

engineering time savings

leverage on Woodward’s pre-engineered software with consistent object orientation in the engineering of data structures and graphic objects


intuitive web-visualization engineering tool without Web-Knowledge


more clients
the easYview server allows you to embed the visualization into 3rd party SCADA or run it via web-clients on various devices like a central industrial PC or a laptop.

freedom of design

plenty of room for individualization


easy connectivity to other systems through open interfaces


for different screen size

full functionality

Full functionality
all developer features can be used in full, without any restrictions.
The full atvise software license is included in each easYview hardware.


номер частини description screen size data points *
[used at the same time in one page]
8446-1071 easYview-07-030 7″ 30
8446-1072 easYview-10-060 10″ 60
8446-1073 easYview-15-150 15″ 150
* upon request easYview-22 22″ tbd

*CCD: Concurrent Connected Data Points

** another limitation is the total 1500 data points

Application Examples: