Flexible Visualization

Standard features

  • Plug and Play support of up to 4 easYgen XT and one utility.
  • VNC connection to single controls
  • Personalization

Basic customization

  • Visualization protocol already mapped In
    Atvise ® system.
  • Fetch the data to create your own pages/buttons etc.

Advanced customization

  • Other WWD controls supporting Ethernet (505XT, MN+, …)
    3rd party IEDs (Allen-Bradley®, Siemens Simatic®,…)


part number description screen size data points *
[used at the same time in one page]
8446-1071 easYview-07-030 7″ 30
8446-1072 easYview-10-060 10″ 60
8446-1073 easYview-15-150 15″ 150
* upon request easYview-22 22″ tbd

*CCD: Concurrent Connected Data Points

Application Examples: