Availability & Reliability

hardening safety chains = maximize reliability

typical bottlenecks within a power control systems are single communication lines and single central controllers. Removing these single points of failure increases the availability of your system.

    • redundant communication
      [CAN and | or Ethernet | or redundant Fibre Optic ring structures via converters]
      The communication is ‘hot-swapable’, meaning there is a seamless communication system switch built-in.
    • Multi-Mastering is an economic system approach, which means every easYgen can become the master controller and thus you build up an extremely high redundancy & safety

*** if you strife for an even higher level of redundancy system – please contact us regarding the ‘dual redundant modular genset control panel

protect your assets

these protection functions increase the system reliability and cover:

    • the prime mover (diesel- or gas- engine, steam- or gas- turbine, hydro power plant, …)
    • main grid protection, meeting the latest grid protection functions
      [please contact us, if you’re missing a functionality!]
    • generator protection [pole slip, …]

Quality – the Devil in the details

    • meeting the latest grid code standards
      [measurement 0,5% accuracy for voltage and current]
  • High Robustness:
    protection against external disturbances by galvanic isolation of the measuring inputs, relay contacts, biasing outputs and communication interfaces
high quality relays on electric board
  • 100% conformal coating of easYgen3000XT, LS-6, LS-5, DTSC,… resisting harsh environments
    (exceptions SPM-D2, EPU-100)
  • devices get tested in a fully automated test stand 
easygen test stand