Save Time


Most control manufacturers sell a lot of additional [software] features. Standardization to a minimum of part numbers, to reduce variants to bottom line save time!

Your benefits:

    • your service has always a suitable controller available
    • training and knowledge on one standard controller
    • no need to purchase [software] features
    • Standardized control boxes that works with every make of engine, generator, breaker and even inverters.
    • Very complex applications handled with standard controls, no software amendments required!
      [eg. airports, large data-centers, heavy fuel oil power plants, steam- or gas-turbine applications]
    • Reduces need for PLC,  distributed modules and wiring
    • extremely versatile & flexible controls allow a standardization, directly reduces efforts
      [=Infinite applications]
    • one device makes planning extremely simple
      3D  CAD planning & switchboard remains the same – independent of the application

Simplified Configuration and Commissioning 

    • plug & play USB connection to easYgen3000XT is fast and will save time
      [USB connection to LS-5 via USB adapter]
    • On-Site configurable control modules with purpose-built software for all prime energy sources
    • remote control directly on each device, via secure cloud interfacing gateways
      [if activated]
Simulation for complex projects

a fully functional software simulation will save a lot of time and money during the commissioning phase

Drop-In Replacement

    • legacy easYgen 3000 systems can get upgraded with a fit, form and functional replacement
    • the former easYgen3000 Series dating back more than a decade can simply get upgraded with a parameter conversion tool
      [standard function in our ‘Toolkit’ software]