Standard Simulation Models

customized models are available for sale upon request. This requires a minimum level of software engineering.


Here our standard training models:

So far it was required to build up the complex wiring for a hardware emulation and one couldn’t test many functions properly.
Your advantages:
  • commissioning becomes significantly easier & thus faster, as the corner cases have been tested in the simulation already
  • trouble shooting becomes significantly easier
  • end-customers have agreed in other projects to replace the factory acceptance test with the simulation
  • the simulation might help to on-board new staff members on these complex products in a cost-effective way


  • applying loads based on your own requirements
  • there is a simulation of gas / diesel gensets with standard genset models (being close to reality)
  • the simulation is really very similar to building up real gensets for a factory acceptance test
  • it’s possible to simulate the total operational behavior
  • there will be only minor modifications required in between the simulation model and the reality (eg. for the specific diesel / gas gensets)
  • utility forming / following
  • Import / export control
  • synchronization and dead bus bar closure
  • photovoltaic with different loading scenarios
  • sequencing of gensets under different loading scenarios (load dependent start & stop)

Software Functions

  • create your own power consumers
  • create your own sequences

Part Number
10-059-783 easYsim – 3 MONTHS ACCESS (NO SUBSCRIPTION) used for one Email address



Custom scenarios available upon request

  • your single line diagram (* requires a minimum level of software engineering)
  • controllers like LS-6XT, GC-3400XT-P1, DSLC-2XT, MSLC-2XT, easYi, easYgen-3000XT Series

software features: easYsim 

create your own charts

Simulation Chart Design

create your own sequences

  • increase & decrease power consumption
  • grid failure and grid power return

* feature under development

VNC viewer on tablet and laptop

easYsim | VNC to visualize controls

interconnect to gensets in the simulation with a VNC client on various devices within your network

  • remote panel RP-3000XT
  • any Laptop with a VNC viewer
  • any smartphone with a VNC viewer app

How to use the easYsim?

(also available for on-premises applications “easYsim | on-prem”)