Infinite Applications

Power Generation units

an almost infinite range of applications via a broad range of power generation units

    • steam / gas turbine
    • diesel- / gas genset
    • hydro power
    • synchronous and asynchronous generator types supported


Solutions by Application

The versatility and flexibility enables an almost infinite application range  

    • back-up power eg. supermarkets (with backwards-synchronization)
    • data-centers, hospitals, airports, large industrial facilities, …
    • multiple grid connections (synchronized)
    • multiple synchronized group and tie breakers
    • co-generation
    • combined heat and power plants
    • prime power by diesel gensets
    • prime power with turbines
    • Marine & Ship power
    • Rental units
    • Microgrids & Hybrid Applications
ComAp or Deif serve microgrid applications as well.
ComAp or Deif offer similar solutions for complex applications.