engine systems

engine products

Woodward offers a very broad range of mechanical and electronical products to control diesel or gas engines.
The following presentation provides a good overview of Woodward’s engine product portfolio.
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turbine systems

turbine products

Woodward offers a very braod range of mechanical and electronical products to control gas or steam turbines and compressors.
The following presentation provides a good overview of Woodward’s turbine product portfolio.
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Remote Panel

Remote Panel

    • Plug-and-Play remote touch display
    • remote control of the easYgen-3000XT Series genset controls
    • reduce wiring effort
    • Connect to several devices to create a lean switchboard design
    • Multi-Cast function: connect to a fleet of easYgen-3000XT controls (one at a time)
    • add your company Logo to customize the screen
    • Increased safety with no high voltages mounted into door
    • Less effort for screen customizations with touch panel

Digital Input Expansion Module

    • 16 discrete inputs
    • CAN bus communication
    • very fast CAN ID configuration via dip-switches
Part number: 8440-2304

Digital Output Expansion Module

    • 16 discrete outputs
    • CAN bus communication
    • very fast CAN ID configuration via dip-switches
Part number: 8440-2305
Expansion Board

Digital I/O Expansion Module

    • 8 discrete inputs
    • 8 relay outputs FORM C
    • CAN bus communication
The latest part number 8440-2116 is a pre-configured device. So for applications with only one IKD, it’s a plug & play solution.
If you use more than one IKD on CAN bus, please use the USB configuration cable – part number 5417-1251 and download the IKD configuration software.
Simulation for complex projects

Simulation for complex projects

So far it was required to build up the complex wiring for a hardware emulation and one couldn’t test many functions properly.
Your advantages:
    • commissioning becomes significantly easier & thus faster, as the corner cases have been tested in the simulation already.
    • trouble shooting becomes significantly easier
    • end-customers have agreed in other projects to replace the factory acceptance test with the simulation
    • the simulation might help to on-board new staff members on these complex products in a cost-effective way


    • applying loads based on your own requirements
    • there is a simulation of gas / diesel gensets with standard genset models (being close to reality)
    • the simulation is really very similar to building up real gensets for a factory acceptance test
    • it’s possible to simulate the total operational behavior
    • there will be only minor modifications required in between the simulation model and the reality (eg. for the specific diesel / gas gensets)
Configuration Software

Configuration Software

free of charge configuration software “Toolkit” to parameterize the controllers.

Remote Access Gateway

Remote Access Gateway

    • Gather operational data such as energy consumption, operating hours, temperatures etc. in the cloud.
    • Start or stop your generators remotely
    • Reduce maintenance costs by analyzing trends
    • Receive alarms via email or SMS when the generator reaches certain thresholds
    • Automatically generate email reports
    • Connect the system to your own servers or applications

Group Controller

Group Controller

Complex applications and large power generation fleets, connected together.
In total up to:
    • 496 gensets / power generation units
    • 1200 breakers

* there is a conversion kit available to flash LS-6XT hardware to a Group Controller part number: 10-026-186 

Fibre Optic Converter

Fibre Optic Converter

    • up to 40km communication range extension via Fibre Optic System
    • create electromagnetic ruggedness
    • possibly build up redundant Fibre Optic communications

Profibus Converter

Profibus Converter

ESEPRO device
    • Addresses up to 8 Woodward controls (easYgen and LS Series)
    • Direct mapping of data into process I/O

Modbus Master Mapper

Modbus Master Mapper

    • Modbus / TCP customization to read and / or write data.
    • flashing of the generated customized Modbus / TCP via Toolkit into the controllers easYgen3000XT and LS-6
    • mappable address points for read/write tasks to exchange information with Power Electronics (eg. PV Inverters), protection relays, kW Transducers
Data Telegram Mapper

Data Telegram Mapper

Simplify your retrofit projects! Customize your Modbus TCP protocol.
    • configure the Modbus data protocols
    • up to 300 addresses
    • upload file into the easYgen3000XT or LS-6XT (*.map file)
    • documentation of the created telegram ( HTML file)
load dependent start stopp emulation

Emulation of Load Dependent Start Stop

Improve fuel efficiency and reliability!
Work through what-if scenarious for your genset fleet.
    • Monitor that all or several of the power generating assets does not approach maintenance cycle simultaneously
    • Maintain sufficient reserve power on the bus in anticipation of a large consumer and that the reserve power automatically falls back after the large consumer breaker is closed
    • Start and stop the gensets according to max/min loading criteria, the later especially to help burn car-bon deposits on engines cylinder head
    • Switch ON and OFF the genset at every pre-defined run hours to equalize the total run hours
    • Determine the optimum combination of gensets when the fleet consists of mixed size gensets
AVR integral voltage regulation

AVR integral voltage regulation

Active voltage Regulation (AVR) is an integrated feature of the easYgen3000XT. It requires an external excitation module for synchronous generators.
The easYgen3400 / 3500 XT in combination with this excitation module provides:
    • a simple plug and play excitation module
    • an easy to install, operate and diagnose
    • full configuration in the easYgen3000XT = centralized functionality
    • faster manufacturing, due to less wiring
    • Simulation includes AVR in easYgen3000XT (Woodward provides .dll file)
    • Standard generator can be used faster manufacturing, due to less wiring (removes duplication of voltage and current sensing)
    • Simplified setup functionality centralized to easYgen3000XT (eg. remote control)
    • faster “component certification” & simplified “unit certification” process

* if you have an easYgen3100/3200XT, you can upgrade this software by purchasing P/N 10-026-185 Software Upgrade Kit


AVR voltage regulator - the industry standard
AVR voltage regulator - Woodward solution
Generators from Woodward

Generators from Woodward

Woodward has a sales co-operation for generators, to serve our customers with the best overall product offering
    • alternative to the market dominating brands for the certified market
    • fast growing partner
    • highly standardized and automated production
    • tested technical solution with Woodward controls
Please contact us for more details and qualified quotations!
Redundant Control Panel

Redundant Control Panel

redundant control panel, with a hot-swap functionality
    • 100 ms transfer during a running operation, if one genset control fails
Power Generation learning module

Power Generation learning module

    • Interactive learning using realistic active simulation engine / generator models
    • Engine speed control fundamentals
    • Speed control dynamic tuning
    • Automatic voltage regulation fundamentals
    • Electrical power generations fundamentals
    • Power factor and VAR fundamentals
    • Synchronizing
    • Various load control schemes
    • Exercises for each topic
HMI language customization

HMI language customization

“HMI Localization”
    • add / change HMI display language of the easYgen3000XT or remote panel XT display
    • use MS Excel to modify your language
    • flashing into the devices via ToolKit
    • simulation of the HMI to check the translation on-the-fly
    • re-use previously translated texts
integral speed control + actuators + valves

integral speed control + actuators + valves

    • can make external speed controllers redundant
In combination with Woodward’s broad range of valves and actuators, this provides a strong customer value.
Cylinder Temperature Monitoring

Cylinder Temperature Monitoring

visualize and monitor up to 20 cylinder temperatures.
LECM AUX module part number: 8280-4409
Stamped kit for AUX (J4, 80 pins): 8928-7417
Thermocouple tool: 5404-1189
Optional on-engine mounting backshell for IP69K: 8923-2049


    • control commissioning Caterpillar® ADEM™-equipped gensets
    • Isochronous speed control
    • Full user access to primary speed control PID settings for optimal tuning
    • Decrease commissioning time and expense
Load Share Gateway

Load Share Gateway

  • connect to [old or 3rd party] analog / [old] RS-485 load share networks with the latest controls
  • easy and direct configuration via easYgen-2000 and 3000 Series
  • Preconfigured operating modes for legacyWoodward and third party devices
Remanence Voltage Converter for Asynchronous Generators

Remanence Voltage Converter for Asynchronous Generators

EPU stands for Electronic Pickup Unit. It receives the electrical signal (as low as 0.5 Vac
and as high as 600 Vac) and converts it into an “MPU signal” which can be fed into a
control (for example an easYgen) to interpret the speed of rotation of the generator. It is
particularly suitable to work with the very small voltage an asynchronous generator produces
until its breaker is closed.
    • Simple plug and play converter
    • Easy and convenient to install, operate, and diagnose
DIN-Rail Mounting

DIN-Rail Mounting

    • fast and easy mounting by direct snap up on the mounting rail
    • universal, massive aluminium clamp mounting for all 35 mm mounting rails
    • suitable for rail material thicknesses from 1 to 2.3 mm according to DIN EN 60 715
    • safe hold due to a stable extruded profile with integrated wire from spring made stainless steel
LS-511 / 512: 8923-1746
Remote Annunciator

Remote Annunciator

basic system visualized in an LED panel
Ethernet converter

Ethernet converter

(for the old easYgen3000 – non XT) convert CAN to Ethernet
USB Mini

spare connectors / plug sets

    • wire up cabinets and add the plugs later or on-site
    • lost some plugs during commissioning?
current XT Series:
easYgen-3100XT P1 + 3200XT P1 (green): 8923-2318
easYgen3400 / 3500 XT P2: 8923-2320
easYgen3400 / 3500 XT P1: 8923-2319
LS-6XT: 8923-2319
LS-512: 8928-7544
LS-522: 8928-7545
LS-511: 8928-7544
LS-521: 8928-7545
old NOT XT Series:
easYgen 3400 / 3500 P2: 8923-1919
easYgen-3100 P1+P2/-3200 P1+P2 /-3500 P1 (green): 8923-1314
easYgen-3400 P1 (black): 8928-7371
easYgen-3400 P2 (black, with 8 plugs): 8923-1919
easYgen-3500 P2 (green, with 8 plugs): 8923-1918
LS-521 (door mount): 8928-7286
LS-511 (back-panel mount): 8928-7336
easYgen-2500: 8928-7297
easYgen-2200/-2300: 8928-7286
easYgen-800/1700/1800: 10-004-675
easYgen-1500: 8923-1055
easYgen-600/1600: 10-004-674
easYgen-400/1400: 10-009-352
easYgen-350/X: 8923-1158
DTSC-50: 8923-1158
DTSC-200 8923-1805
DSLC-2: 8923-1806
easYprotec 1410: 8923-2139
IKD: 10-015-874
MFR-300: 8923-2139
SPM-D2: 8923-1032