Save Money

All-Inclusive Package = Standardization

Most control manufacturers sell a lot of additional [software] features. Standardization to a minimum of part numbers and component variants, helps you save money.

Your benefits:

    • optimized operations and service stock levels
    • optimized purchasing and operational processes
    • Standardized control boxes that works with every make of engine, generator, inverter, breaker
    • Very complex applications handled with standard controls, no software amendments required!
      [eg. airports, large data-centers, heavy fuel oil power plants, steam- or gas-turbine applications]
    • Reduces need for PLC distributed modules and wiring
    • Software Simulation  ensures a easier & thus faster commissioning and trouble shooting; it furthermore simplifies the training of new staff
    • drastically reduce upfront engineering efforts
      [eg. very complex datacenters, microgrids, … ]

    Consolidate functionalities into one controller

    Merging and centralizing device functionality saves money, due to

      • less software tools for your service department
      • ‘lean thinking’ in your process control
        [often easier to adjust and more precise]

    Single functions get included in an easYgen3000XT:

      • AVR – active voltage regulation for the generator ( with exciter-10)
      • synchronization
      • generator protection
      • mains / utility protection
      • busbar protection
      • display visualization
      • power management
      • breaker control (with LS-x devices)
      • load sharing
      • speed control (depending on the application)


    More and more customers demand microgrid functionality. Leveraging on standard functionaliy saves money.

      • Microgrid operating modes support higher level Microgrid controllers and help to make complex software architecture more lean
      • purpose-built controls are designed to manage your distributed energy resources (eg. PV inverter, battery, …), consumers and utility. This enables you to focus on application specific needs
      • peer-peer control, as a back-up when master Microgrid control fails
      • small scale PV inverters can get integrated without a dedicated Microgrid controller
      • software simulation of the ‘load depended start stop’ functionality

    Woodward’s easYi controller standardizes microgrids. “Make AC microgrids as easy to control as DC microgrids!”

    Global solution

    Localization can be costly – save money using a standard software!

      • 14 build-in languages + additional languages via the “localization tool”
      • certifications and approvals to serve our global markets

    long term, future-proof solution

    Save money by optimizing the life cycle costs:

      • proven and long term supported standard control modules
      • standardized future-proof approach
        [devices with custom software result in very expensive software modifications, once a component or the control gets replaced]
      • Woodward has decades of experience in the control market

    Woodward has a history with more than 1200 different control devices in this market. Over the years we’ve standardized more and more while keeping previous devices and functionalities in mind.

    Replace simple PLCs

    save the money for additional PLCs:

      • many logical or analog operations can be handled by the controls
        [‘LogicsManager’ and ‘AnalogManager’]